V501 Gate Valve

The Gachot® V501 Gate Valve offers maximum reliability for difficult processes and applications.

General application: Viscous fluids (resin, latex, polymers, liquid mud), Particulate fluid, Dangerous fluid (liquid sulfur, phosgene gas), High speed steam, Cryogenics, High temperature, Vaccuum (tested at 1 torr)

Technical data
Valve size (DN) : 8 – 150
Working pressure (bar) : 105 max
Températures (°C): -50 /+ 400
Full bore
Leakage Rate : EN12266-1 – Rate A (no leakage)

Flange connections
Flange / BW / SW / Tapped

Face to face : ISO5752 S01
High flow rate coefficient Kv
Anti blowout system in standard
Direct visual indicator

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