LSS Valve Position Indicator

Standard Features:
– Aluminium base and polycarbonate lid IP68, tested 4m submersion for 1 hour
– Many switch options, SPDT, 2 wire proximity, 3 wire proximity, any V3 style switch
– Quick set colour coded cams, raised terminal for ease of use
– Cost effective
– Direct mount to Namur/VDE top actuator, no bracket required, plates and
screws included

Optional extras
– Integral solenoid 3/2 – 5/2 – 5/3 way aluminium or 316 S/S, 1w low power pilot
– Solenoid ¼” 1.0 Cv or ½” 3.0 Cv, caged spool technology for high reliability
– Multi-voltage proximity and solenoid option 20-250 AC/DC
– Mounting arrangement for linear valves
– Field bus interface card As-i, Devicenet, Profibus DP, I/O link