Fastrak Exi Smart Positioner with Hart

Standard Features:
– Full smart positioner LCD display and easy auto calibration set-up
– Password protected
– Intrinsically safe EExia IIC T6
– 4-20mA feedback standard
– Hart communication protocol
– One positioner for double acting and spring return actuators
– Suitable for rotary and linear valves
– Robust against moisture and vibration, IP65 Aluminium Enclosure
– All smart setups included, deadband, manual setup, autocal, split
range, equal percentage, soft open/close , 20 point custom curve,
fail open/closed, fault bit etc
– Full gauge block
– Couplings for rotary and linear valves included

Optional extras:
– Available in 316 S/S
– USB cable for connection to PC/Laptop
– Advanced diagnostic pack
– Remote sensor available (normal/high temperature)

Fastrak Positioner Datasheet