El-O-Matic E -Series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

Original E & P Series El-O-Matic Pneumatic actuators  are powerful and compact double rack and pinion units for use with ball, butterfly and plug valves and any device requiring accurate and dependable quarter turn rotary motion. The use of high grade steel and aluminium components together with El-O-Matic’s patended 3 point piston support provides a tough reliable unit for the automation of today’s high performance industrial valves. Modern synthetic bearings ensure no metallic contact between moving components.


Available in  90° and 180°.

Body Material availability:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel


  • 13 basic model sizes covering a torque
  • Range from 12 Nm to 4000 Nm. (106 in/lbs to 36,474 in/lbs)
  • Fit and Forget

Long Life Span

  • The 3-point guiding system of the enclosed pistons allows for a smooth operation with the aid of fully synthetic bearings and a rack & pinion gearing.
  • very long working life.
  • Guaranteed to perform in high cycle applications according to the CEN standard exceeding 500,000 cycles

Limit Stop These are standard on all actuators up to 1600 Nm. and optional on the two larger sizes. Actuators with double stroke adjustment are also available for those applications on high performance butterfly valves, for example, to ensure confirmation of the closed position.

Standardisation  ISO 5211 standard (with an option for DIN 3337).


E-Series El-O-Matic Pneumatic Actuators with Sizes


El-O-Matic User Manual


El-O-Matic SIL Certification of Compliance