Continuous Modulating Quarter Turn

Proven expertise for continuous modulating

EN15714-2 Standard defines a duty classification for an electric actuator to operate the valve: On-Off, Inching/Positioning, Modulating and Continuous modulating. This duty classification defines basic design requirements. However, in order to define practically and precisely the appropriate solution corresponding to your own process requirements, you need to qualify each duty type with key criteria.

Modulating applications require specific expertise to define the most appropriate solution. Duty PERFORMANCE is the main criterion to fully address process requirements, but needs to be specified and completed with additional performance criteria, notably RESOLUTION.

For many years, BERNARD CONTROLS has been a leader in this electric actuation technology. Our modulating classification is now well-know from our customers and has, in fact, inspired the European Norm EN15714-2.

Continious Modulating Technical Brochure