Valve installation

Butterfly valves are designed for installation between the ANSI Class 125/150 flat or raised face flanges that are used to regulate the flow in a pipeline. Lined pipes, heavy wall pipes and flanges need to have a minimum allowable inside the diameter at the center body face to clear the disc sealing edge when opening the valve.

This disc is positioned in the center of the pipe and it rotates so that the valve can be opened, closed or opened with ten total position options. It is important to double check the performance limits of the butterfly valves against the anticipated operation which includes the following:



  • The material compatibility of the seat, disk and the body with the media
  • It needs a maximum start-up, test and working pressure
  • It has to have a maximum operation
  • The space requirements for the correct installation
  • Other operating conditions such as the media which includes flow rates and viscosity

It is important that the butterfly valves are not subjected to operating in conditions that are beyond the capacity to service the recommendations of the API international. All the valves are packaged and they are shipped in a manner that is designed to prevent the damage during the transportation. If there is external damage to the shipping container or the packages it is evident that upon receipt of the product you need to request for a representative of the shipping carrier to be present prior to unpacking the products.

The installation

  • Ensure that the working conditions are within the specific capacity of the product
  • Ensure that the construction material of the butterfly valve is chemically compatible with the media flowing in the pipeline
  • Inspect the valve`s flange ends and the pipelines mating flanges to ensure that the surfaces are clean and free of defects.
  • Check that the exciting pipe sizes are a match and the inlet and outlet sizes of the unit are installed and there is no interference.

Fluid Control Services

Fluid Control Services manufactures valves that are valuable in the infrastructure industry and their products are reliable and of good quality.

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