How A Valve Condition Monitoring System Can Protect your Workers & The Environment?

Safety When Working With Valves









When working on an Offshore Plant, it is highly important to have a properly functioning valve network to ensure the safety and operational security of the plant. A valve condition monitoring system relies mainly on sensors joined to or near the valves and actuators body to monitor their performance and any stresses they may encounter. This can be a variety of strain or pressure sensors that transfer information back to the operator for analysis. The perfect valve condition monitoring system provides an instant measurement of the integrity of the valve, detects and foresees potential failures as well as pinpoints valves that are in need of maintenance or repair.


In the energy industry, your personnel safety is of the utmost importance. If an emergency arises, pipeline operators both on and offshore depend on critical isolation valves to work successfully when needed with complete reliability. Critical valves are normally installed in hard to reach locations, which is difficult to access for manual testing, inspection and routine repairs. A faulty valve or actuator can stop production without warning and create a hazardous situation for personnel. A valve condition monitoring system displays the real-time condition of these hard to reach but vital valves and actuators. This is important in reporting issues before they create potentially dangerous situations.

Cost Saving

A valve condition monitoring system pinpoints valves that are in need of maintenance or repair. These days, valve maintenance is done periodically, normally every 12 to 24 months. With a devote valve monitoring system, valve repair practice can be moved from a corrective maintenance plan into a predictive maintenance plan based on the development of key repair and maintenance parameters. Valve monitoring can assist these to extend to longer recesses.

The monitoring system can also save costs by spotting which valves are in good condition and, therefore, need no maintenance or servicing. Identifying arising problems early, assists by giving the operator the ability to plan for the needed maintenance and spare component and parts before it becomes a crisis. This increases the production time for a facility or pipeline and reduces production down time.

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