Valve-Actuator Types

There are three types of actuators namely electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. The pneumatic valve actuators are powered by air and gas. The air pressure acts as a piston to create the linear force to close the open valve. The power plants have always used pneumatic actuators to drive the control valves throughout the facilities. The major improvements in the electric control valve actuator technology helps to power the producers at a lower cost and it boosts efficiency.  Valve actuators are powered by an electric motor that can withstand the demands of the continuous movement. These valve actuators have worked effectively in the harsh environments and it has less maintenance and it also enhanced the performance of the control valves.

The electric actuators do not require recalibration over time. The calibration and the electric control valve actuator can operate for months or years without any adjustments. The hydraulic actuators that are used for pressurized hydraulic fluid to open and close valves are increasingly popular because of their ability to achieve high torque. Most, hydraulic actuators are designed to carry out the linear movement of all kinds. A large amount of the force that is required to operate a valve and hydraulic actuators are generally used in most plants.

The commonly used type of hydraulic actuator uses the pistons that are able to slide up and down within a cylinder that contains hydraulic oil and a spring. Some industries require industrial gas turbines that require precise control of the combustion process to drive productivity and to reduce emissions and to maximize the ability of the hydraulic actuators. The sonic flow valves are available in a range of sizes which are suitable for the industry. In most cases, the valve body is coupled to an actuator assembly that contains a fail-safe spring to close the valve while the halting fuel flows in the event of a power failure or turbine trip condition.

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