The Benefits of ESD Dryers for Your Plant

The Benefits of ESD Dryers for Your Plant










Every plant has a certain amount of specialised equipment that they come to rely on for production processes. However constant technological advancements and ever-changing industries make way for newer solutions from time to time that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes. If you are running a factory or plant and have been looking for ways to improve all aspects of your production processes, then here are a few ways that you can benefit from ESD dryers.

Up to 90% Improved Efficiency

ESD dryers make use of a unique three-circuit heat exchanger for refrigerants, glycol and compressed air. This affords them the ability to save energy extremely effectively. This in turn will result in a drastic reduction in operation costs, which in some cases can amount to savings of up to 90%. This makes them ideal for facilitating more efficiency and profitability in your plant.

Adaptable Functionality

The three-circuit heat exchanger design of ESD dryers makes them highly adaptable to whichever industry they are being used in, since they are thusly able to handle refrigerants, viscous glycol as well as compressed air; each of which is ideal for various types of processes and functions. Instead of needing specialised machines to perform each function, they can handle all of them.

Performance Statistics at a Glance

When it comes to measuring operational performance, efficiency and cost, it is always beneficial to have that data readily available to you, particularly where production and even maintenance are concerned. Select ESD dryers from OMI come with an easy-to-view digital display, which makes this possible.

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