Selecting Valves for Chemical Processing

Selecting Valves for Chemical Processing

Valves are a common part of many industrial processes. Wherever liquids, fluids or gasses need to be transferred through or stored in a facility, valves ensure that the task is done effectively and safely. They are responsible for regulating pressures and temperatures, ensuring that there is no backflow of fluids and also maintain a safe working environment wherever piping networks are being used. In the chemical processing industry, valves work under extreme conditions and with dangerous materials, and as such, need to be selected for their ability to meet the demanding needs of this industry. So, if you are operating in the chemical processing industry and are looking for valves for your setup, here are a few things you will need to be sure of to ensure that your valves will operate to expectation.

Can the Valve Withstand High Temperatures and Pressures?

Extremely high temperatures and pressures are commonly faced in varying industries, and the chemical business is no different. For the sake of safety, as well as for protecting your equipment and materials, it is wise to opt for valves that can withstand the highest possible temperatures and pressures you are expecting. Even if the likelihood of ever reaching the numbers you plan for is minimal, it never hurts to be prepared, and almost always does when you are not.

Do you Need Corrosion Resistant Valves?

Many chemicals that get industrially processed are hazardous, flammable or corrosive, never underestimate the destructive power of the latter. If you are working with corrosive substances, you will need to make sure that you make use of properly galvanised solutions so that they don’t take damage through their processes.

What Speeds Will You Need?

The velocity of the fluid travelling through your valves will make a huge difference to the type that you opt for, and in many chemical processes there is a need for high speeds when processing. Be sure to take this into account when selecting valves for your applications.

Do you Need Fire Protected Valves?

Fire is a concern in many workplaces, and it is better to be preventatively prepared than to have to do damage control when one breaks out. Since many chemicals that get worked with in this industry are flammable (such as concentrated fuels), you may find it necessary to ensure that your valves are fireproof.

Call Fluid Control Services for Details

Whatever you require from your valves, our industrial valve suppliers are here to provide them to you in a consistent manner. All of the products that we work with and supply are of the highest quality, so be sure to contact Fluid Control Services today or visit our website for further details on the products that we work with and the services we provide.

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