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Paltech provides a high strength durable and compact butterfly valves are capable of working in high pressure and temperature environments.

Valves are manufactured in a wide range of standard and exotic materials for corrosion resistance against various aggressive chemicals, acids, alkalies and gasses

The shafts being eccentric to the disc combined with a low coefficient of friction seals and bearings results in the valve having lower operational torques compared to other designs of butterfly valves. Substantial savings are thus guaranteed when considering the costs of valve automation.

The self-energising body seal ring as described below combines the unique strength of PTFE, UHMWPE and PEEK with the resilience of elastomeric type “0” rings, resulting in a long life zero leakage simple to replace at low-cost valve seal. A positive disc to drive shaft connection using a keyed or spline drive system, which eliminates the use of taper pins or fasteners. This also allows for simple and quick disengagement for maintenance purposes.

The one-piece shaft offers superior strength under higher pressure conditions.


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