OMI Air Dryers / FST Filters

OMI is a global product .We are present with our brand in over 65 countries with an extensive distribution network and a wide range of products that can adapt to different applications on the market.

Thanks to the innovative and patented three-circuit heat exchanger (refrigerant, glycol and compressed air), the ESD dryers save energy effectively from 0 to 100% load allowing a reduction in operating costs guaranteed up to a maximum of 90%. Particularly suitable for all applications that require a partial load or intermittent use of compressed air. The dryers are equipped with an additional feature of the display that allows viewing and verifying the current and historical savings. The electronic control board also includes a second probe dedicated to the glycol control to ensure maximum efficiency avoiding freezing problems. All models from ESD 2700 to ESD 6000 are equipped with a no loss “intelligent” drain to efficiently discharge condensate without compressed air loss, providing a further significant saving.


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