New developments in pneumatic valve

Pneumatics are widely used in packaging machines to drive the motion and he actuates machine sequences. It is reliable, compact and a lightweight technology that provides effective control and actuation to help with packaging machines and the designers create innovative systems that are unique while staying competitive.

Pneumatic valve technology plays a big role in the performance and the efficiency of the pneumatic systems. The recent developments in this new system and technology have increased the flexibility, modularity as well as the ability to integrate with and to be controlled by the advanced communication architectures preferred by the leading packaging machines. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are enhancing the value of pneumatics technology supplies because they are in demand and they are valuable in the market.

Pneumatics are effective for machine motions that are combined or that include high-speed, point-to-point movements and the type of products that have a high weight and size dimensions which are found in the packaging system machines. This includes indexing, sorting and place functions. This device is also used for suction cups or for noncontact transfer devices.

The cartooning machines pneumatics are able to drive multiple functions such as indexing the infeed of blank cartons onto the process line which drives the machine’s components to help form the folds then close the cartons folds. The moving glue guns or other sealing devices can form fill and seal the machines. It is common to have pneumatics-driven clamping devices and heat sealers as well as the tension controllers on roller discharging the plastic film that forms the bags that are being sealed.

There are four factors that make pneumatics broadly appealing to the machine builders in the packaging industry. These include:

  1. Cost of ownership
  2. High speeds
  3. Easy integration
  4. Reliability

Fluid Control Services

Pneumatics systems work on the same basic principle which are one air sources pressure and different components. Fluid Control Services manufactures pneumatic valve systems that are accurate and reliable.


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