How to Introduce Automation to Your Workplace

While machine automation can boost productivity and lower costs for your business, it can also bring an overwhelmingly large change to your standard operating procedure. This can be discomforting for your employees, your targeted growth and especially your business’s finances.

Because of this, any decisions based around automation should be made with absolute care and consideration. Making the wrong choices could interrupt your processes for extended periods, and could cost you a fortune. So, to help you get it done right, here are a few things to think carefully about when automating any of the processes in your business.

Keeping your Team Comfortable

The switch to automation will likely bring no small amount of discomfort to your workforce. There are the obvious concerns that they may have of becoming redundant, while others may find the new systems intimidating or confusing. To lay these concerns to rest, have your team gradually test and implement your chosen solution so that they feel as though they have a hand in the automation.

Additionally, you should ensure that they are instructed in their operations with regards to the system, and should also know how to use it safely and effectively; giving them a certain amount of responsibility over their station.

Take Time to Understand the Process you are Automating

You need to carefully evaluate the processes that you are looking to automate before implementing any new solutions. This means that you should have a keen understanding of how it works, what it costs, and how it benefits your production line. You may find that your process needs to undergo necessary changes before it can be streamlined through automation, so be sure you know each concerned process from end to end.

Calculate your Returns

You should work out how your chosen solution will save you time and money, and compare it to that same cost of implementing the actual automation system. The initial investment will be large, so you need to workout how long it will take to make it back. This way you can prioritise those processes which will result in quicker and greater returns over those that don’t.

Make it Flexible in the Long Term

If you are ready to implement automation, then the chances are that you have a long-term goal in mind. Considering the substantial investment of automation processes, it will be necessary for you to take into account where you see your business within the next ten or so years. With this in mind, you need to select a solution that allows for transformations at a later point.

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