Fluid Control Services

Fluid Control Services

Fluid Control Services (FCS) is a company that specializes in fluid control services from automated valves to industrial valves for companies that require the most effective products, systems, and services in their industrial functions of fluid control.  FCS are the best industrial valve suppliers of state of the art automation products and services to a diverse client base dealing with small equipment manufacturers to Gold, Diamond, Coal, Platinum & Copper Mining Groups, Petrochemical and Chemical, Power Generation, Food & Beverage Plants, Pulp & Paper, Catalytic Converter Factory Water Purification, Steel Production, Glass Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Companies.

When looking for a sound system, the fundamentals of the valve design lie in the sealing characteristics. The ability to start and stop the flow of material through the pipeline and the ability to effectively and safely prevent leaks to the atmosphere dictates how good the system you are using is. In most industries, the industrial valves play a significant role in various areas which include:

  1. Water, steam, hydraulic and airlines (For Steel and chemical plants)
  2. Sterilization and the handling of fluids and gasses (For hospitals)
  3. The delivery of clean, safe water to industry and the consumer (For Wastewater Treatment facilities)
  4. To convey minerals and slurries (For mines)
  5. The transportation of oil and gas via large piping systems, valves are essential to the extraction, refining and delivery processes
  6. Valve technology, quality and durability for machine and skid builders to enhance their products.


Proper valve selection is influenced by:

  1. Line Pressure
  2. Temperature: extreme heat and cold
  3. Corrosive and abrasive qualities of media
  4. External environmental conditions
  5. Pipeline access

As automated valve suppliers, FCS guarantee that your investment in their systems and services essentially adds up to a lower cost of ownership. Their products ensure that clients get a valve assembly that is suited for their application; a valve system that will provide reliable performance in the present and the future. Automated Valves ensure that low maintenance and control is required. This, in the long run, saves a lot of time, effort, and resources. These are all factors that affect any given industry, and the bottom line is that more effort can be placed in other more demanding areas.

FCS are also suppliers of actuators, and the demand has grown tremendously in an endless variety of applications. They ensure that your choice fits your application and that the benefits of their systems outweigh the disadvantages. Their products consist of quality patented products with a variety of commonly used accessory items. By incorporating some of the world’s best-known names in valve, actuators, controls, instrumentation, and filtration, Fluid Control Services has cut out a market for themselves and guarantees quality to their clientele. Their trusted services are worth looking in to. Visit Fluid Control Services  now.

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