A hand pump is a manually operated pump that uses human power and mechanical power to move air of fluid from one place to the next. Hand pumps are used in a variety of industrial, marine, irrigation and leisure industries. Most hand pumps are either piston pumps or plunger pumps, and they are mainly operated with a piston, diaphragm or a rotary vane. Hand pumps are also used for community supply and self-supply of water and it can be installed on boreholes or hand-dug wells.

2. What types of pumps do you get?

There are a variety of different pumps for a range of different activities, such as, suction and lift hand pumps, force pumps, a siphon, and chain pumps. There are also direct action hand pumps, deep wells, diaphragms pumps and progressive cavity pumps available, all for different purposes. All the different types of hand pumps offer a range of lifts.

3. Looking for hand pumps?

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