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How does an Electric Actuator


Electric Valve Actuator









Components of an electric actuator

An electric valve actuator is made of many parts but few of them are important and it can be helpful to understand how they all work together in the whole actuator.

A Motor can be of any voltage used over the world and in different industries ranging from, petroleum, paper pulp, mining, air conditioning and refrigeration, food beverage, steel industry, chemical and petrochemical.

A brake is fitted on top of the motor to halt the media from forcing on the valve and opening it by the pressure alone.

A motor start capacitor gives the motor the necessary force to start.

Limit switches are used to provide a certain amount of electrical contacts in the open, close or intermediate position. Standard electric valve actuators have two limit switches, one to move it to an open position and one to move it to a closed position to systematically control rotary travel. Cams, slided on the shaft, activate the switches when reaching the desired position.

In order for the motor to start the capacitor is always needed to give enough power to the motor to successfully start.

The brake is being powered in the closed position to hold the motor in position. If no brake is fitted, the danger is that the pressure of media inside the pipe pushes the valve and inevitably opens it slightly. The actuator will sense the valve being forced open and will rotate again to full close position. Repeating this action over and over, as the media pressure pushes the valve back open. Over time, this will damage the motor and the actuator

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